“Design conjures up the notion of a radically different 'Weltentwurf' – from the spoon to the design of a metropolis.” —pn

Recent projects and works include: a new landmark for the city of St. Pölten / Austria – the 25m / 82ft high light sculpture “Fountain” by Brigitte Kowanz (2017) on the site of Glanzstoff.

The exhibition declared_ (Peter Noever / Andrea Lenardin) accompanied by the “call to action” took place 2018 in various cities and states design as an interface between cultural diversity and global challenges in a time of dramatic political exclusion. In spirit of this initiative Peter Noever designed a.o.:

The New 1/8-Glass with the US architect Andrea Lenardin, produced by Stölzle-Lausitz. Available here: Stölzle-Lausitz Shop

The MAK ACHTEL housewine glass (mouthblown) for Lobmeyr Vienna
("a statement for — understatement") → J. & L. Lobmeyr

Sole Oriente, 2023, a neon mirror project range ("a glowing sign of urban design in a private atmosphere"). → Details

If "home office" is on everyone's mind today, then it is perhaps helpful to know that Peter Noever launched his "Office work in bed" project back in 1974.

His exhibition Obsessions In_Focus, at SCI_Arc, Los Angeles, 2019 was also a clear reference to what he called "Confrontations, Confessions and glowing friendships". Without such artist friends, and their unmistakable avant-garde attitude, as Noever claims – he would not have been able to successfully carry out the comprehensive project MAK Vienna / Los Angeles. The list of participants in this exhibition ranges from Raimund Abraham to Lebbeus Woods.

Noever's Land Art project Die Grube/The Pit, which was listed in 2019, was first shown in Austria under the title "out_of the blue" (ISBN 978-3-903172-93-7) in the Gallery "ArchitekturRaum Burgenland" in 2021. Almost 30 years before, "The Pit" was shown under the title "Upstairs Down" as the opening exhibition of the Gallery "StoreFront for Art and Architecture", New York, 1994 (curated by Shirin Neshat and Kyong Park). In many respects, this work-in progress, which is situated at the interface between two world cultures at a geopolitical intersection, at the beginning of the Eurasian Steppe, is one of Noever's key works.

„Peter Noever has made not simply a site, an armature for spectatorship, but has crafted a place. Here’s the difference: Noever’s work tests not the edge of sculpture but the edge of architecture. The arts of habitation are not excluded but attenuated, made to dance a langorous yet electric tango of life floated to ritual.” (Michael Sorkin)



The Artist‘s Voice
An exhibition by Peter Noever

Especially today, war is presented as a controllable instrument to which there is apparently no alternative. Artists who advocate the confrontation of free thought and other points of view are defamed or hushed up. 

→ Details

Sole Oriente

Exhibition "MIRROR MIRROR"
Palais Festetics, Berggasse 16, 1090 Vienna
Thursday – Saturday / 2pm - 8pm

"​​Sole Oriente", Peter Noever's latest design object, is an extraordinary mirror, a magical light island ⏤ a luminous symbol of urban design in a private setting.

→ Details

Homage to Franz West

Solo booth Franz West "Furniture Works" at Art Basel 2024
Gallery Eva Presenhuber / Design Miami.Basel

→ Details

Ayala Shoshana Guy
Winner Birgit Jürgenssen Price 2024

Jury: Carola Dertnig, Peter Noever, Nina Schedlmayer, Marlies Wirth, Thomas Winkler.

→ Details

“Friedensbausatz I & II”
by Zenita Komad

Opening with performance at "interim storage"

Thursday, June 20, 2024
S + O Zechmeister Klagenfurt / Carinthia

With Christine Wetzlinger-Grundnig (MMKK), Johannes Rauchenberger (KULTUMuseum Graz) and Peter Noever.

→ Details

"Die Waffen nieder!"
by Zenita Komad

Zenita Komad's sculpture "Die Waffen nieder!" was inaugurated on Sunday, September 24, 2023

This art project will remain until September 29, 2024 as a proclamation for peace.

→ Details

live art. prevent war.

"Heritage Day 2023" at "The Pit / Die Grube"
Sunday, September 24, 2023
10:00 am to ~6.30 pm

Even if only for a moment, it is especially important now and on this occasion to give space to the voice of Art.

→ Details & Live-Stream

Vinzenz Grausam, Heidulf Gerngross„Energieberater“ 

Saturday, June 24, 2023
Gallery Kubus (formerly a barn), Primmersdorf Castle, Austria

The exhibition will be opened by Peter Noever with a short speech.

→ Details

Cuban Architectures: the Third Space

OSA Galleria Centralis Archivum
Blinken, Arany János u. 32, 1051
Budapest / June 22 - August 27, 2023

with Coop Himmel(b)lau, Morphosis/Thom Mayne,
Eric Owen Moss, Carme Pinós, Lebbeus Woods and C.P.P.N.

→ Details

Kiki Kogelnik - Now is the Time

Talk and exhibition, Tuesday, June 6, 2023 / 6:00 PM

Art. talk with Lisa Ortner-Kreil, curator of the exhibition and Peter Noever
Moderation: Isabella Klausnitzer

Just have a look → Digital Guide Tour: Exhibition Kiki Kogelnik. Ingried Brugger mit Peter Noever

→ Details

art for peace!

peace must urgently inspire our minds again.

i like to remember a special episode. an episode that has nothing to do with today, but very much with human feelings and human awareness.

→ Details

I like ideas that at first seem impossible

peace must urgently inspire our minds again.

Vladimir Belogolovsky talks to Peter Noever, who aspires to do things that have never been done before; STIRworld, New York, 2023

→ Details

Finally, an incontestable plea for peace!

Jürgen Habermas in the Daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, 15. Februar 2023

The West is supplying weapons to Ukraine for good reasons:But this gives rise to a shared responsibility for the further course of the war.

→ Details

Stefan A. Schumer
"monumental lightness"

Exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo, Sept 2022

With his floating archaic elements, sinkholes, broken stone, landscapes, aerial images and urban regions, Schumer is not a destroyer of worlds: he fiercely opposes the importance of irrelevant ruling interests and is aware that there is no point of return.

→ Details

"The Art glows in between"
Heritage Day, Sept 29 2022

Shortcut of a unique art eventHeritage Day 2022

With artist interventions by Alfredo Barsuglia • Thomas Andreas Beck • VALIE EXPORT • Tone Fink • Edgar Honetschläger • Karin Ivancsics • Lukas Lauermann • Marc Leschelier • Mark Mack • Elisabeth von Samsonow • Elfie Semontan • WIENER BESCHWERDECHOR

→ Details         PLAY

Interventions in public space

initiated / realized by Peter Noever

Lecture at the Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna (Prof. Alfredo Barsuglia) November 7, 2022

→ Details

"The Art glows in between"
Heritage Day, Sept 29 2022

Die Grube / The Pit, Breitenbrunn, Austria

The 1-day festival focuses on the entire area of Peter Noever`s multi-part Land Art project and occupies the various objects and their intermediate spaces with a variety of artistic formats.

→ Details

orbit – complex applications.
design by Peter Noever

To be used as a side-table next to the bed, but also as a seat at the airport waiting area.

Folding metal table with LED light, power supply and USB ports; galvanized steel and aluminum sheet; very lightweight.
As part of Walter Hösel "StummerDiener - The Designexperiment 2022"

→ Details

Summer excursion in the „Pit“ by Vienna Architecture Summer School (VAS²) 2022

Die Grube / The Pit, Breitenbrunn, Austria

„…the Vienna Architecture Summer School (VAS²) is an independent learning space for students, graduates and drop-outs in architecture or any other related discipline. Away from established hierarchies of universitary structures, we aim for exchange and negotiation of knowledges beyond dominating institutions and mainstream discourses.“

→ Details

Günther Domenig (is) in conversation

Peter Noever and Andrea Schurian

„Architecture is an objection against transitoriness, against arbitrariness and randomness.With the Steinhaus Günther Domenig has created an unyielding place of retreat, a unique labartorium.The Steinhaus remains utopia in view of its unfinishability. Its realization therefore has to accept the demolition, which makes his work an allegory of human existence.“ - PN

→ details

Peter Noever with Eric O. Moss
Architecture talk, moderated by Lilian Pfaff

“No Less Than The First Modern House To Be Brought Into This World“

Schindler House, West HollywoodMay 28, 2022

→ details

Hannes Stiefel,
Fortbauen! (Build on!)

Lecture/Discussion May 13, 2022

Cultural Heritage Protection
– a transformative Practice

→ details

recored in Vienna + Los Angeles

Edited by Peter Noever
and Andrea Lenardin

Simultaneous book launch in Vienna and Los Angeles

→ details

Brigitte Kowanz

April 13, 1957 – January, 28 2022

“Making the invisible visible“

→ details

Helmut Richter

Panel discussion at the Architekturzentrum Vienna,
January 26, 2022

Nott Caviezel, Wolf D. Prix, Hemma Fasch, Bernhard Jarolim, Angelika Fitz

→ details

out‾of the blue

Exhibition at the gallery
Raumburgenland Contemporary,
November 5, 2021 – May 20, 2022

Die Grube / The Pit, situated at the interface between two world cultures, at a geopolitical intersection, at the beginning of the Eurasian Steppe, is Peter Noever’s “work in progress.” out ̄of the blue provides a first-ever representative overview of the still-to-be-realized projects, including The Tower and House with Boat.

→ details


out‾of the blue
[ Art + Architecture Out There ]
The Pit / Die Grube

The first opportunity to discover Peter Noever's comprehensive oeuvre at the beginning of the eurasian steppe.
128 Pages, published by Schlebrügge.Editor, Publishing House. € 24,00 [A]
€ 23,30 [D] $ 26,99 [USA]

→ details

Die Neue Stadt / The New City

Essay by Peter Noever for „Realisierte Visionen (Realised Visions)“, Klaus Bollinger, Institute of Architecture, University for Applied Art, Vienna, 2021

Cloud Iron / Wolkenbügel. I dream about it at night. I then imagine a huge horizontal sculpture, in the spirit of El Lissitzky. A floating beam above the city I am familiar with. An unfamiliar sight: threatening, unadulterated, falsified, radical. Visionaries, masterminds may now have actually conquered the city. For a moment. I have the impression that the New York High Line is opening up in front of me…

→ details

Hans Kupelwieser arrived!

Hellbrunn SculpturePark 2021, Salzburg, Austria / Juli 2, 2021 – June 15, 2022

Within the scope of the cultural project »Hellbrunn SculpturePark«, a contemporary art installation is realized annually on the park grounds of Hellbrunn Palace. Initiated and organized by Michael Karrer / CAM, with opening talks by Michael Karrer, Hans Kupelwieser and Peter Noever. 

→ details

Icons of architecture in time / Ikonen der Architektur im Wandel der Zeit

Peter Noever: Guest lecture at  TU / Technical University Vienna. Wilfried Kuehn, Prof., Institut für Architektur und Entwerfen, Module KUNST:RAUM

The Schindler House and Studio in Los Angeles is radical in concept, design, and construction. Designed and built in 1921/22 as a cooperative living space and studio, it redefined residental architecture and challenged traditional spatial structures. For Schindler, this building also represented a social experiment.

→ details

Lebbeus Woods:
Zagreb Free Zone Revisited

Exhibtion in the gallery "ORIS - House of Architecture", 31 March - 24 April 2021 / Online opening on April 13th 2021

Andrija Rusan once again presents the architect and visionary's legendary exhibition. With contributions by Aleksandra Wagner, director of the L.W. archive, New York / Steven Holl architekt New York, Joseph Becker and Jennifer Dunlop Fletcher of SFMOMA, San Francisco / Peter Noever, Vienna.

→ details

Private Views 

A High-Rise Panorama of Manhattan by Andi Schmied

Above all, it is the „Spurensuche“ (the search for traces) of an artist. It gives insight into the practice of reading the traces of a society and its relationship to aesthetics, the behavior of man in urban space. 
Contributors: Sara Emilia Bernat, f-architecture, Irena Lehkoživová, Ava Lynam, Peter Noever, Andi Schmied, Jack Self, Michael Sorkin, Samuel Stein, Barbora Špičáková, Anthony Vidler and Sharon Zukin

→ details

Extinction in Vienna ! 

The treatment of Zaha Hadid's architecture at the Danube Canal

Zaha Hadid (1950–2016), herself always deeply disappointed by this building and the processes behind building development in this city, must now lend her name to its advertisement as colorful eye-candy done up in the misunderstood sense of “commissioned grafitti.”

→ details 

“Fair”, Magazine for Art and Architecture, No. 1/2020

The public space as a challenge

The latest issue of the renowned austrian magazine for art and architecture "fair", provides for the first time an overview of Peter Noever's initiated and realized interventions in public space.

→ details

“You Da Man!”

2020 American Prize for Architecture goes to Eric O. Moss

Eric O. Moss has been building a new city, his largest building 5850 West Jefferson after 20 years of tough negotiations, construction has just begun.

→ details

Heritage Day 2020: “The Pit”

"thinking ahead talk / stream"

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Heritage Day at "The Pit" cannot be held as planned. We kindly ask for your understanding.  The talk "thinking ahead" will be broadcasted on this website on Sunday, 27 September at 9 pm (CEST).

→ details


25 March 1939 – 23 August 2020

Heinz Frank - an exceptional austrian artist - who probed the tensions between polar opposites such as hard and soft, hot and cold, inside and outside, heavy and light, beginning and end, pinpointing in forever novel creations how—as well as proposing that—these terms are all interconnected. 

→ details

Adolf Loos and Josef Hoffmann 

2020 – 150th anniversary of the birth of two outstanding austrian architects

„Ich warne Sie vor Josef Hoffmann“ (I warn you by Josef Hoffmann) a quote from Adolf Loos. He was unrestrained in his attack on Josef Hoffmann and the „Wiener Werkstätte“.

→ details

Center for Understanding Media

“Fair”, Magazine for Art and Architecture, No. 1/2020

Project for the Bombay Beach Biennale, 2019 by Peter Noever – The public space as a challenge is the focus of the latest issue of "fair" No. 1/2020, Austrian magazine for art & architecture

→ details


13 June 1935 – 31 May 2020

He will not live to see the wrapping of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. CHRISTO, who together with Jeanne-Claude played a decisive role in the expansion of contemporary art, passed away on Sunday, 31 May 2020 in his house in New York, shortly before the realisation of this project which was so important to him.

→ details

Michael D. Sorkin

2 August 1948 — 26 March 2020

I miss him. Michael Sorkin, a friend I will never forget. we have seen too little. I regret this more than ever. we have not lost sight of each other. when i met michael he was already a new york institution. the architecture critic. his medium was the “village voice”. his victims were the conservative reactionaries and the shameless developers.


Office Work in Bed

It was not meant like that.
at that time, the intention was to release from frozen, thoughtlessly continued structures. Already decades ago there was no need to set up huge office centers. office work could have been done from anywhere. and now there is the state regulation, so to speak. the new compulsion. our attitude towards life is currently at the very limit. “home office” the keyword must not degenerate into “home-land office”! how at all we have to remain vigilant so as not to continue using the language we are now confronted with. there is no reason for nobody to put our society into a mode of war.
© peter noever, 1974/2020

→ details

Art, State of / (The)

Lecture by Peter Noever at AUT Tyrolian Architecture Center

Peter Noever „Art, State of / (The)“ at AUT Tyrolian Architecture Center, Innsbruck, Austria.
14 May 2020, 8 pm.

→ details

PADHI Frieberger

The Boat, the Bed and the Rest of the Sky

Exhibition opening closed to the public. (Unter Ausschluss der Öffentlichkeit)
Opening: 24 March 2020, GALERIE Himmelpfortgasse 22, 1010 Vienna, Austria

→ details

Station Rose

Exhibition Opening in Vienna, 16 November 2019

“Under Vienna Art Week’s premise of ‘making truth’ it should not be difficult to figure out since when Station Rose are represented by Saatchi and Saatchi. Also relevant would be their art’s possible astronomic sales prices on the international art market.” […]

→ details


Publication on the Life of David Ashotovich Sarkisyan

Russia honors its unique museum director with a deep red shrouded ribbon. The book titled DAVID is dedicated to the life of David Ashotovich Sarkisyan. Biologist, inventor, entrepreneur, film director, patron of talents and fighter for justice was the director of the Shusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow from 31 December 1999 — 7 January 2010.

→ details

Heritage Talk on Thursday

On 17 October 2019 Peter Noever was guest at the BDA, Austrian’s Federal Monuments Authority in the Hofburg in Vienna. The interview was held by Andreas Lehne, the well known expert on monument research at the BDA.

→ details

Heritage Day 2019: “The Pit”

Land Art Project by Peter Noever

On Heritage Day “The Pit” became a hot spot for artists, architects and local aficionados alike. The Austrian Federal Monuments Office BDA counted as many as 291 visitors.

→ details

Panel discussion at viennacontemporary 2019

“Territory Development through collaboration with culture”

29 September 2019, Marx-Halle, Vienna

Speakers: Anton Belov, Charles Landry, Dmitriy Aksenov, Gerfried Stocker, John McGrath, Katerina Kochetkova, Paul Alezraa, Peter Noever; Moderator: Michael Kerbler

→ details

Sound Test

DJ Orange (Mark Mack, UCLA architecture professor, Los Angeles)

SOUND TEST #2 at Rudolf Schindler’s King Road House, Los Angeles
2 November 2019

SOUND TEST @ “The Pit”
12 July 2019

→ details

Peter Noever:
Obsessions In_Focus

Confrontations, Experiences, and Glowing Friendships

Exhibition at SCI-Arc Gallery
19 April — 18 August 2019
Opening Reception:
Friday, 18 April, 7pm

SCI-Arc, Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles
960 E. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013 

→ details

Peter Noever: Obsessions In_Focus

Confrontations, Experiences, and Glowing Friendships

Exhibition catalog / notebook
published by SCI-Arc, 2019 

Featuring manifestos by Raimund Abraham, Vito Acconci, Günther Domenig, Zaha Hadid, Magdalena Jetelová, Eric Owen Moss, Walter Pichler, Wolf D. Prix, Bernard Rudofsky, James Turrell, Franz West and Lebbeus Woods.

Text contributions by Hernan Diaz Alonso, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Michael Rotondi, Thom Mayne, Joachim Riedl, Mark Mack, Herbert Lachmayer

→ details

Experimental Architecture

Interview with Peter Noever

Doctoral thesis / Dottorando: Massimo Mucci, architect. Interview with Peter Noever (page 285 – 296) University of Iuav, Venice, Italy. Published 2019 (380 pages) under the title “Experimental architecture and Utopia”: L’architettura di Lebbeus Woods tra immaginazione figurativa e decostruttivismo linguistico. Scuola di dottorato: Prof.Agostino De Rosa; Prof. Gundula Rakowitz, Prof. Guido Zuliani, Arch. Carlotta Torricelli.

→ details

Kiki Smith in Vienna, again

Currently Kiki Smith can be seen at Unteres Belvedere in Vienna from 7 June until 15 September 2019.

In 1992 her exhibition “Silent Work” was shown at the re-opening of MAK by Peter Noever.

→ details

Eva Schlegel: un-limited

Budapest / Hungary EU
25 May — 1 September 2019 

Curators: Peter NOEVER, Bettina M. BUSSE, Brigitta MULADI
Opening: 25 May 2019, 6 pm

Bombay Beach Biennale

Bombay, Salton Sea, California
March 2019

→ details

an untitled event

Post Modernist Publishing Architecture in the late 1970’s

An Event to celebrate Architecture hosted by Prof. Mark Mack

18 March 2019, 6:30pm, Perloff Hall, School of Art and Architecture UCLA, Los Angeles



Presentation, Jury Selection, Call to Action 2018/19

12 February 2019, 7pm
Galerie Rauminhalt, Vienna

the new 1/8

U.S. presentation
15 November 2018,
Los Angeles


Malecón – A Sea Defence & Cultural Space Challenge

award winner: Javier Galindo (USA)


ICIF award – The Iakov Chernikov International Foundation, Moscow

award winner: jinhee park (SsD Architecture), south korea / usa


Elke Silvia Krystufek “Luxus”

Opening speech by Peter Noever.

Opening 27 September 2018
Palais Schönborn-Batthyány
Renngasse 4
1030 Vienna


Mimy Noever

1913 — 2018


#museum #projectingthefuture

by Irina Korobina, Moscow: Kuchkovo pole, 2018



This project is accompanied by the desire not to deny locally grown characteristics but to confront them with global phenomena and to create a new dimension.

Design as an interface between cultural diversity and global challenge in a time of dramatic political exclusion.

Galerie Rauminhalt
Schleifmühlgasse 13
1040 Vienna

Call for action!

Mercilessly Uncompromising

Vadim Kosmatschof

On 16 May 2018 the comprehensive exhibition “Vadim Kosmatschof — Sculpture” was openend at The New Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, which the well-known Russian curator Kirill Svetlyakov put together with Peter Noever among others.

Vadim Kosmatschof – Sculpture
17 May – 19 August 2018 at The New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow



Exhibition at Christine König Gallery, Vienna

gallery CONVERSATION: Peter Noever with Gregor Eichinger, architect – Sat 14 April, 1 pm

Vito ACCONCI | Ovidiu ANTON | Sepp AUER | Jimmie DURHAM | G.R.A.M. | Atelier VAN LIESHOUT | Peter NOEVER | Walter PICHLER | Valentin RUHRY | Margherita SPILUTTINI | Franz WEST


Attack on Art

Disoriented city planning in Vienna?

The sculpture “Smashed to Pieces in the Still of the Night”, by Lawrence Weiner from 1991 – one of just a few authentic contemporary works of art in the cityscape of the art metropolis – is intended to give way to a profane, aesthetically expressionless, masking of the tower from the Nazi era.


Celebrating Vito Acconci

24 Jan 1940 — 27 April 2017

On 24 January 2018 Maria Acconci held a memorial for Vito at MoMA in New York. Speakers such as James Turrell, Peter Dorsey, Glenn D. Lowry, Klaus Biesenbach, Peter Noever


„… to art its freedom. Where will science and art stand in five years?“

Round table discussion by the “Kurie für Kunst und Wissenschaft”

Peter Noever and Anton Zeilinger in discussion (Zeilinger is president of the Austrian Academy of Sciences). Christina Lutter, professor at the university of Vienna heads the discussion on November 20th, 2017, Vienna, Hofburg.


trigon 1967/2017

October 12th 2017
Künstlerhaus Graz, Austria
Eilfried Huth, Heidrun Primas, Heidulf Gerngross and Peter Noever

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the legendary trigon-biennial in Graz, which was organized in collaboration with Italy, Yugoslavia and Austria.


Fountain. light + space

Catalog “Brigitte Kowanz. fountain” published by VfmK Verlag für moderne Kunst

Brigitte Kowanz has provided the crucial impulse, has employed her arc of light to draw a site out of gradually fading memory and into the present, liberating it from the shadows of obscurity and rendering manifest the fact that there is reason to build here once more. PN



Permanent installation on site by Brigitte Kowanz
Experience enlightenment from 16 September 2017!

Location: Glanzstoff,
St. Pölten, Austria
Commissioner: Cornelius Grupp
Art director: Peter Noever 


Rolf Fehlbaum


Rolf Fehlbaum has been shaping the design world with vitra for decades. Whether Charles Eames was in a good mood, what makes the classics so powerful and why he misses figures like Peter Noever in the field of design.
Interview by Michael Hausenblas



Walter Bohatsch, Editor

Book launch: Academy of Fine Arts, Semperdepot Lehárgasse 5, 1060 Vienna
23 May 2017, 6 pm


Magdalena Jetelová

Touch of Time / Dotek doby

National Gallery, Prague / Národní galie v Praze
20 Mar – 3 Sept 2017


Birgit Jürgenssen Award 2017

Award winner

Award ceremony: 4 May 2017, 6pm at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Exhibition: 5–7 May 2017, 11am–6pm, Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Schillerplatz 3,1010 Vienna


Port of Havana

Designing New Urban Scenarios for Port Cities

ETH Zurich, Switzerland
20 Dec 2016
Urban-Think Tank Chair of Architecture and Urban Design
Alfredo Brillembourg & Hubert Klumpner 


Germany, mon Amour!

Archive Contemporary in Germany. Art. Architecture. Design.

Curated by Peter Noever. Publication featuring more than 200 outstanding artists, architects, designers.



Diva Wohnen, December 2016, Vienna. Interview by Yasmin El Mohandes, Photos by Udo Titz


Reflections on Zaha Hadid

Publication on the occasion of the exhibition “Zaha Hadid: Early Paintings and Drawings”

8 Dec 2016 – 12 Feb 2017, Serpentine Sackler Gallery, London


Quiet!!… Kein Wort mehr …

Lecture at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, 19 Oct 2016

Lectures by Peter Noever, Gerhard Rühm, Kurt Schwertsik, Hermann Fillitz, Herwig Wolfram, Anton Zeilinger


No Return!

A manifesto on “The Art of Performance” by Peter Noever, showing radical, outstanding pieces of art and architecture.

Lecture at IDEAS symposium, UCLA, Los Angeles, 10 Sept 2016


Graduate Thesis 2016 Weekend

9 — 11 September 2016, SCI-Arc, Los Angeles

Guest Critics Include: Frances Anderton, Donald Bates, Barbara Bestor, Pippo Ciorra, Didier Faustino, Peter Frankfurt, Axel Friedman, Fabrizio Gallanti, Dominique Jakob, Bruno Juricic, Jeffrey Kipnis, Birgit Lohmann, Brendan MacFarlane, Thom Mayne, Ciro Najle, Peter Noever, Francisco Pardo, Antonio Saggio, Jennifer Siegal, Brett Steele, Ben West, Meejin Yoon, Michael Young


Representing Force

Lebbeus Woods and the Havana Projects

Eliyahu Keller

Master in Design Studies Thesis
Harvard University Graduate School of Design
May, 2016 

“What is needed is not the revolution’s ‘New Man’, but a new conception of space for the person who already exists.”
— Che Guevara

details / director’s cut lebbeus woods

Archive Kendell Geers
Archive Kendell Geers

Upheavals, dislocations — will there be a change of direction in art?

Umbrüche, Verwerfungen – findet ein Richtungswechsel in der Kunst statt?

Guest lecture by Peter Noever

1 June 2016, University of Vienna
University Campus, Hörsaal 2,
Alserstrasse, 1080 Vienna


ZAHA HADID (1950–2016)

Even just Zaha’s very presence is architecture.
It was not just her unswervingly individual stance, but above all her special empathy, loyalty, and warmth as a friend that underlay the decades-long connection between us, the loss of which I cannot bring myself to believe.

The world has grown poorer—one of the great, irreplaceable innovators of architecture has left us.

remembering zaha hadid

Birgit Jürgenssen Award 2016

Award winner

Award ceremony: 12 April 2016, 6pm at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. The federal minister for culture Josef Ostermayer will be present. Works by Cana Bilir-Meier will be shown until 17 April 2016.


A Pile of Primes & Link-Chain-Curtain

Installations at Upper Belvedere, Vienna

Opening 11 February 2016, with speeches by Agnes Husslein-Arco (director), Severin Dünser and Peter Noever


Again in focus:
Donald Judd’s “Stage Set”

Donald Judd was one of the leading artists of the second half of the twentieth century. His “specific objects”—which he refused to call sculpture—represent a radical and revolutionary use of space, scale, and materials.

With Donald Judd’s original contribution, an anti-war essay written during the 1991 Gulf War.


Germany, mon amour!
Archive Art Architecture Design

curated by Peter Noever

The archive “Germany, mon amour!” was finalized with more than 200 works by artists, architects, and designers in December 2015.

The catalog showing all artworks with accompanying texts by Bazon Brock (“What is so German about Contemporary German Artists?”) and Peter Noever (“The state of the art and the state of the world”) will be published in 2016.


Now shown in Venice:
“Germany, mon amour!” +
“Vienna for art’s sake!”
(curated by Peter Noever)

1 Sept – 1 Nov 2015

Fondazione Cini
Isola San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice

More information:
Germany, mon amour!
Vienna for art’s sake!
Curated by Peter Noever


Hadid & Noever
Art & Architecture in Conversation

Moderator: Joseph Giovannini

19 June 2015, 8pm
Angewandte Innovation Laboratory
1010 Vienna 

video excerpt & details

Archaische Moderne
Eleven Buildings in Burgenland/Austria

11 June – 30 September 2015
Gallery: Architektur Raumburgenland contemporary
Eisenstadt, Austria

Archaische Moderne
Editors: Albert Kirchengast and Norbert Lehner
Publisher: Park Books, Zurich, Switzerland, 2015
ISBN 978–3–906027–70–8

Raimund Abraham, Günther Domenig / Eilfried Huth, Johann Georg Gsteu, Ernst Hiesmayr, Friedrich Kurrent, Peter Noever, Walter Pichler, Roland Rainer, Johannes Spalt, Ottokar Uhl

Published by Wato Tsereteli on behalf of Goethe-Institut Georgien & Georgian National Museum; Printed and published by Cezanne LTD, Tiblisi, Georgia

“I believe that theory is very important. But when there’s too many ingredients, artists and curators get confused.” Peter Noever

Authors i.a.
Boris Groys, Charles Esche, Peter Noever

ISBN 978-9941-0-6709-9

Open Folder
Artist Workshop
Műcsarnok Kunsthalle, Budapest

6 June 2015

The project invites art students and emerging artists to a joint discourse.

Peter Noever, Tibor Iski Kocsis, Vladimir Beskid, Nadia Rovderová, Ferenc Hörcher

Vienna for Art’s Sake!
Archive Austria / Contemporary Art

Exhibition at Winterpalais Prinz Eugen / Belvedere, Vienna 2015
outstanding artworks by 161 selected artists / architects / designers and 13 site specific interventions

imago mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection

27 February – 31 May 2015

details (general information)

international press reviews

opening, 26 feb 2015 (images)
opening speech Peter Noever
on-site installations (photos)

video on the exhibition “vienna for art’s sake!”


award winner
daniela grabosch

jury: carola dertnig, peter noever, constanze ruhm, vanessa joan müller

“A refreshing, independent, process-oriented approach to the interface between art, architecture and performance characterizes the oeuvre of Daniela Grabosch. The way in which she proceeds is complex and analytical. She explores the boundaries of our living environment by means of a methodology that transcends space as such.” pn


Interview with Peter Noever
Legacy Project

The Legacy Project is an initiative providing unlimited access to extraordinary individuals, each of whom have achieved Greatness in their own, unique and varying form. Each person interviewed provides a different viewpoint, as well as lessons to learn from.

> The Legacy Project

Lecture by Peter Noever:
A Moment of Contemporary

Is Today’s Mandate of Mediocrity Increasingly Displacing Radical Visions in Art?

The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Lecture Hall of the General Staff Building, Monday, 1 Dec  2014, 6 pm

> Interview in Piterstory (Russia)

> The State Hermitage Museum Program

Petition for Helmut Richter
by leading international architects

for the appreciation of Helmut Richter and the preservation of his outstanding architecture.


Worlds of El Lissitzky
Novosibirsk, Russia
20 October 2014 

International Competition for the Architectural Design of the simbolic object of the Novosibirsk Urban Environment dedicated to the Russian Avant-Garde

List of Jury Members

Art can shake confidence!

Article by Peter Noever in The Moscow Times special “Contemporary = Future”, Moscow, 10 September 2014

The article also was published in “Vedomosti”, Moscow.


Venice Architecture Biennale 2014
Golden Lion for Korean Pavilion

The Korea Times, 8 June 2014: The Golden Lion for Best National Participation went to Korea for “Crow’s Eye View: The Korean Peninsula”
The jury cited Korea’s “extraordinary achievement of presenting a new and rich body of knowledge of architecture and urbanism in a highly charged political situation.” The exhibition features works of 29 artists including Nick Bonner, Ahn Sekwon, Kim Ki-chan, Peter Noever and Park Kyong.


interview with yihyun park in korean art magazine “mise1984”

→ The Korea Times
→ a as architecture
→ Dezeen Magazine
→ designboom

Brauchen wir Museen?
Vom Aufbruch einer Institution

(Is there a need for museums?)

Editors: Christian Hölzl, Franz Pichorner
Published by Brandstätter Verlag, Vienna, 2014 

Contribution: Art Talk – Peter Noever and Markus Mittringer

Contributors: László Baán, Christoph Becker, Ronald de Leeuw, Marie-Louise von Plessen, Peter-Klaus Schuster, Miguel Zugaza Miranda et al.


Architecture Biennale 2014 Eventi Collaterali

Venice Architecture Biennale 2014
Fundamentally Hong Kong? DeltaFour 1984–2044

6 June 2014: International Salon – Social Asia / Lost in West Kowloon 

Speakers: Jimenez Lai (Taiwan), Dongwoo Yim, Hyungmin Pai, Kyong Park (Korea), Hiroo Yamagata, Kayoko Ota (Japan), Alvin Yip, Doreen Liu (Hong Kong), Jiang Jun (China), Nikolaus Hirsch (Städelschule), Alfredo J. Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner (ETH), Rahul Mehrotra (GSD), Ronald Wall (Erasmus), Colin Fournier, Peter Noever

Tomorrow, We Begin Together the Construction of a City
Lebbeus Woods, a Celebration

This Media Message by Peter Noever, Vienna, was specially made on the occasion of “Lebbeus Woods, a Celebration” held at The Cooper Union, New York, 2014. The video is based on Lebbeus Woods’ Manifesto 1993 and was for more than ten years the backbone of the permanent collection space of experimental architecture 20th/21st century at the MAK Vienna.

Media Message by Peter Noever

Vienna for Art’s Sake!
Archive Austria
161 outstanding artworks

The project, the compilation of “archive austria,” “contemporary art after the turn of the 21st century,” took considerably longer than originally planned. For over one year, we were at work together with selected artists, architects and designers: The catalog is published (April, 2014). Exhibitions in preparation.

Details and pages from the catalog

Venice Architecture Biennale 2014
Contribution for Korean Pavilion

astico, Osamu Murai, Peter Noever (featuring the North Korean architects exhibited in Flowers for Kim Il Sung, MAK, 2010), Kyong Par


Excursion to “The Pit”
UNESCO Cultural Heritage Day, May 17, 2014

Breitenbrunn, Burgenland, Austria



award winner
jennifer mattes

award ceremony, 8 april 2014, academy of fine arts, vienna

jury: carola dertnig, peter noever, constanze ruhm, nicolaus schafhausen

<span>Birgit Jürgenssen Award 2014 celebration, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna – from left: Peter Noever, Nicolaus Schafhausen; from right: Eva Blimlinger, Josef Ostermayer, award winner Jennifer Mattes<br /></span>photo: Claudia Rohrauer © Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien

→ jennifer mattes

→ Viertel nach Eden (2014)

Die Chic Boutique
Kunst mit Funktion

The projects “office work in bed” and “svobodair” by Peter Noever were shown among others at “Die Chic Boutique”, curated by Johanna Braun at the Interior Fair Vienna, March 2014.

Former contributions with selected works by Peter Noever: Das Chic Boutique Café, Vienna (2012), Die Chic Boutique, Vienna (2013), Die Chic Boutique, Design_Raum_Kunst, Vienna (2014)

→ Office work in bed


Alfredo Barsuglia

Exhibition Opening at gallery Zimmermann Kratochwill, Graz, Austria

Opening speech by Peter Noever

Don’t ask me!
Assertions on Art and Architecture

lecture on the occasion of an international competition
for the architectural and landscape concept for a museum of street art in St Petersburg

22 October 2013, 7 pm
State Museum of the history of St Petersburg


Resisting Expression
Workshops at Steinhaus

Peter Noever, Vienna; Magda Saura, Barcelona; Peter Ebner, Munich; Kivi Sotaama, Helsinki; Kristina Schinegger, Vienna / London; Stefan Rutzinger, Vienna / London; Heimo Schimek, Graz; Mark Mack, Los Angeles

18–20 October 2013, Steinhaus, Carinthia, Austria

Archive Austria

Contemporary Art after the Turn of the 21st Century

In October 2013 Peter Noever handed over more than 160 artworks (Archive Austria) to Luciano Benetton, Collection Luciano Benetton.

art works, participants and text

URBAN AMBITION: Assessing the Evolution of L.A.

symposium at the getty center, los angeles, may 30/31, 2013

modern architecture in l.a., participants: christopher hawthorne, anthony vidler, mia lehrer, eric owen moss, frederick and laurie samitaur smith, christopher alexander, hitoshi abe, neil denari, craig hodgetts, peter noever (among others)

excerpt from Peter Noever’s contribution Why L.A.?


the first installation was realized by brigitte kowanz for lgp, may 2013

photos and text


lecture by peter noever at all-russian museum of applied arts, moscow 26 march 2013, 7 pm

photos and text


award winner
antoinette zwirchmayr

award ceremony
11 april 2013, 6pm
academy of fine arts, vienna

jury: carola dertnig, dorit margreiter, peter noever, felicitas thun-hohenstein

12–14 april 2013, 11am–6pm


Since 2013 David Sarkisyan’s (1947–2010) office is on view as art installation in the ruin of the Shushev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow.

Director’s cut on David Sarkisyan


NCCA Contemporary Art Museum, Moscow, January 21st, 2013

The major tasks of the project NCCA Contemporary Art Museum, Moscow is open and equal access for all citizens of the Russian Federation to the cultural values and phenomena of contemporary art in the beginning of twenty-first century.

Photos and statements


Jury: Patrick Burgoyne, chief editor of Creative Review / José Manuel Mateo Hernández, industrial designer and founder of oZ / Andreas Kalweit, Associate professor at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal / Matthias Mahr, chief editor of Neue Verpackung / Peter Noever, principal no/ever design, Vienna, Austrian designer, artist and curator-at-large of art, architecture and media

1st place: Mathilde Gullaud & Jérôme Foubert (France)
2nd place: Mohamadreza Shahmohamadi (Iran)
3rd place: Pedro Romero Oceguera (Mexico)

Your Tube Award


In November 2012 Lobmeyr Vienna presented designs by selected artists for the MARS Glas Edition.

Peter Noever Design for the Loos Cup (PDF)

1 architect and 13 artists

More glass design by Peter Noever

LEBBEUS WOODS (1940-2012)

Architect, artist and theoretican with a radical passion for utopia.

Statements from Oct 31st, 2012 by Eric Owen Moss and Hernán Díaz Alonso


“Again  Who Says?”

by Eric Owen Moss, published by SCI-Arc Press, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2012

Text by Eric Owen Moss: “The Shadow of the Eternal Return: Peter Noever”

Again Who Says? Again  Who Says? Again Who Says?

design-research center st. pölten

percept by peter noever 2011/2012

Since October 2012 the New Design University NDU expanded to the former site of the GLANZSTOFF factory.

However the proposal for the site’s new orientation initiated and commissioned by Cornelius Grupp and made by Peter Noever is still on hold.

more from the lecture REFERENCE TO THE UNDEFINED, held at 2nd sunhoo industrial design & creativity festival, hangzhou, zhejiang province, china, september 2012

never again resistance ?

in memoriam günther domenig

workshop & symposium, 26.–30.9.2012 at the SteinHaus (Carinthia) with Marcos Cruz, Hernan Diaz-Alonso, Peter Ebner, Kurt W. Forster, Mark Mack, Thom Mayne, Peter Noever, Georg Wald among others

Mark Mack and Peter Noever with UCLA architecture students at the SteinHaus workshop (September 2012) Mark Mack and Peter Noever with UCLA architecture students at the SteinHaus workshop (September 2012)

Video: Thom Mayne on Günther Domenig

Never Again Resistance – Symposium Program (PDF)

Article in “Der Standard, Vienna”, August 16th 2012



by Kulbhushan Jain, published by AADI CENTRE, Ahmedabad, India, 2012

Quotes from Peter Noever,
“The End of Architecture?”



mandate for experimenting with the future.

key note lecture &
panel discussion

with: Peter Noever, Karel Dudesek (artist, professor for media arts, university of applied arts vienna), Sandra Manninger (SPAN architects, Vienna), Michael Höpfner (walking artist, vienna)

2nd sunhoo industrial design & creativity festival, hangzhou, zhejiang province, china
september 22–24, 2012
more information

work in progress example design now* factory in saint p.

FRANZ WEST 1947-2012

Like few others, Franz West embodies the “Austrian soul”, that sort of character which is quintessentially Viennese; and in a certain way he is the bohemian, the sculptor surrounded by his artist-friends, eccentric companions and aspiring musicians, equally capable of sipping a 1970s Château Petrus with reverence and knocking back wine-and-soda water as if it were soda pop. PN

read full article published in “The Art Newspaper”, August 2012


Walter Pichler. Sculptures Models Drawings, the last exhibition which I initiated as MAK Director (sadly it turned out to be also his last exhibition), can also be explained via an awareness of the responsibility that an arts institution assumes when it continually and uncompromisingly accompanies artists on their individual paths. PN

projects with Walter Pichler

günther domenig 1934-2012

the exceptional architect

exhibitions and lectures with günther domenig curated by peter noever

diplomas finals.

university of applied arts, vienna

june 26, 2012 – institute of architecture. studio greg lynn. diploma review.

final review kristy balliet, david erdman, peter noever, karl emilio pircher, fidel peugeot

the future that is now

architecture schools.
architectural education.
the new society.

international architecture symposium at the summer academy,
palazzo zenobio, venice, italy
july 4–5, 2013 (POSTPONED! date will be announced)

more information

birgit jürgenssen award 2012

award winner
bernadette anzengruber

award ceremony
april 18, 2012
academy of fine arts, vienna

more information

ART curated by …


“the open university
of diversity”
january 29, 2012

video & text


art museum without art

a lecture at the international congress “the history and future of art and design museums”

january 21, 2012 at kunst- und ausstellungshalle der bundesrepublik deutschland, bonn/germany


the (secret)*
return of no/ever

exhibition at the ace museum, los angeles (december 12, 2011 – january 2012)


contemporary art
territory 21

a radically new strategy for up–to–date art institutions
los angeles / guangzhou / vienna

sci-arc, los angeles
video of lecture (74 min.)
lecture outlook

lecture: dec 9, 2011, 7pm
workshop: dec 8–10, 7pm

mind the gap


kaneko, open art space
omaha, nebraska
december 13, 2011, 7pm


peter noever with curators and the director han chang gyu of the korean art gallery, pyongyang on the occasion of peter noever’s lecture

why not?

vienna – pyongyang, a manifestation of art between worlds

national gallery, pyongyang / dprk
november 15, 2011

koen vanmechelen
modified spaces

curator: peter noever

exhibition guangzhou triennial
guangdong museum of art, china
september 20th – november 22nd, 2011

images and video of the site-specific installation

text: rebellion in the henhouse

text: rebellion im hühnerstall (german)

architecture meets art

manifestation for the here and now
peter noever in conjunction with koen vanmechelen

lecture guangdong museum of art
guangzhou, china
september 24, 2011

out of the blue

a radically new strategy for
up-to-date art institutions
los angeles/guangzhou/vienna

lecture at the forum of the 4th guangzhou triennial exhibition, september 25, 2011
guangdong museum of art
guangzhou, china

my last MAK exhibition!

walter pichler.
sculptures models drawings

september 27th, 2011 – february 26th, 2012, MAK vienna

preparation of the exhibition “WALTER PICHLER. Skulpturen Modelle Zeichnungen” at the MAK Vienna 2011/12 at pichler’s atelier in st.martin, burgenland, austria (peter noever, walter pichler) preparation of the exhibition “WALTER PICHLER. Skulpturen Modelle Zeichnungen” at the MAK Vienna 2011/12 at pichler’s atelier in st.martin, burgenland, austria (peter noever, walter pichler, michel würthle) preparation of the exhibition “WALTER PICHLER. Skulpturen Modelle Zeichnungen” at the MAK Vienna 2011/12 at pichler’s atelier in st.martin, burgenland, austria (peter noever, walter pichler) exhibition layout exhibition view preparation of the exhibition “WALTER PICHLER. Skulpturen Modelle Zeichnungen” at the MAK Vienna 2011/12 at pichler’s atelier in st.martin, burgenland, austria (peter noever, walter pichler) exhibition at the MAK Vienna “WALTER PICHLER. Skulptur”, 1990 xhibition at the MAK Vienna “WALTER PICHLER. Skulptur”, 1990

text: field notes on a change of location
text: aufzeichnungen zu einem ortswechsel (german)

Site-specific artworks in Venice

Download the Curatorial Statement: ENGLISH / ITALIANO

Contemporary Wurm vs. glorified tradition
Press: Erwin Wurm in Venice

performance / exhibition
palazzo cavalli franchetti, venezia

magdalena jetelova, june 2nd, 2011 magdalena jetelova, june 2nd, 2011 magdalena jetelova, june 2nd, 2011

magdalena jetelova, june 2nd, 2011 magdalena jetelova, june 2nd, 2011 magdalena jetelova, june 2nd, 2011 magdalena jetelova, june 2nd, 2011

magdalena jetelova, june 2nd, 2011 magdalena jetelova, june 2nd, 2011 kendell geers

kendell geers michael kienzer, zaha hadid, erwin wurm seoul desk (fibreglass) and two bowls (produced by sawaya and moroni) by zaha hadid

video: “celebration” – a performance by magdalena jetelova

glasstress 2011 – site specific indoor and outdoor installations

curator: peter noever
artists: erwin wurm, michael kienzer, magdalena jetelova, koen vanmechelen, kendell geers, zaha hadid
palazzo cavalli franchetti, venezia
4 june – 27 november 2011

artist’s installations


koen vanmechelen
nato a venezia

curator: peter noever
palazzo loredan, venezia
4 june – 27 november 2011

text “get excited”

video: a conversation with koen vanmechelen

54th international art biennale, venice

La Biennale – Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte / Architettura

Peter Noever – “The Pit”, land art project – La V. Biennale di Architettura di Venezia, 1996 – selected by commissioner Günther Feuerstein (Austrian pavilion)  La VII. Biennale di Architettura di Venezia, 2000 – Juror/Architecture Dejan Sudjic, Peter Noever, Charles Correa XII. Biennale di Architettura di Venezia, 2010 – Hernán Diáz Alonso/Xefirotarch, Peter Noever, Eric Owen Moss, Wolf D. Prix; Panel Discussion upon the opening of the Austrian Pavilion “C.P.P.N. (Carl Pruscha, Peter Noever) – Havana Project”, Puerto del Pueblo – XII. Biennale di Architettura di Venezia, 2010 – selected by commissioner Eric Owen Moss (Austrian pavilion) 

peter noever
cosmos of art /
Петер Нёвер
Космос искусства

change of address: lecture at NCCA national centre for contemporary arts, 13 zoologicheskaya street, building 2, moscow 123242, russia www.garageccc.com

2011/05/21, 3 pm

Birth curator: Peter Noever – Participating Artists of the exhibition Austria Davaj!

peter noever
design as strategy

guest lecture at first e.co-design festival in hangzhou, province zhejian, china

Sunhoo Festival for Creativity and Innovation – Page 1 Sunhoo Festival for Creativity and Innovation – Page 2 Sunhoo Festival for Creativity and Innovation – Page 3

peter noever

lecture at institute of architecture, university of applied arts, vienna

video of the lecture