Announcement for architecural conference & exhibition

On the occasion of Lebbeus Woods "Zagreb Free Zone", 1991

⚠️ Rescheduled to Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Oris ( - House of architecture and architectural magazine based in Zagreb) once again presents the architect and visionary's legendary exhibition "Zagreb Free Zone".

Today as then, the initiator and designer of the event is Andrija Rusan. With contributions by Aleksandra Wagner, director of the L.W. archive, New York / Steven Holl, architect New York / chef-curator of SFMOMA, San Francisco / Peter Noever, Vienna.

Lebbeus Woods is often classified as an architect, but always as an artist and visionary. His career has been filled with imaginative leaps through the concepts of space and form, exploring politics, society, ethics and the human condition. He had a great influence on architects, designers, filmmakers, writers and artists alike.