Peter Noever at Christine König Gallery

Exhibition “MOEBEL UND”: 8 March – 21 April 2018

Schleifmuehlgasse 1A
1040 Vienna, Austria

gallery CONVERSATION: Peter Noever with Gregor Eichinger, architect – Sat 14 April, 1 pm

Vito ACCONCI | Ovidiu ANTON | Sepp AUER | Jimmie DURHAM | G.R.A.M. | Atelier VAN LIESHOUT | Peter NOEVER | Walter PICHLER | Valentin RUHRY | Margherita SPILUTTINI | Franz WEST

Peter Noever exhibits works including photos and posters of the Seating Pits that Walter Pichler realized on the site of Noever’s land art-inspired dream-buildings / building-dreams, about which Bernard Rudofsky wrote the following in 1988: “An Austrian Folly, an open labyrinth, set with Viennese elegance into a vinous landscape by a master of understatement.”

Furniture has always existed in an unclearly defined zone where life blends into art and art into life. There’s a utilitarian aspect to it—we need it to store our things—as well as a decorative one: one wants it to look nice.In early minimal art, on the other hand, pieces of furniture were design objects that not infrequently mutated into nonfunctional art sui generis,thereby tossing classic design vocabularies into an entirely new intellectual context. The exhibition MÖBEL UND plays in a refined, provocative, and humorous way with the multifarious coding of meublements, with the gains of both pleasure and knowledge thus squeezed out being ends in a quintessentially Kantian sense. In this group show, which includes works from various decades by artists from different generations, “furniture” is, so to speak, a potentially flexible thing unto itself—a thing that can be configured to form diverse assemblages and be subjected to formal permutations associated with violence and passion. […]
— Thomas Miessgang