Walter Pichler. the exceptional artist

In Walter Pichler’s world of the unity of sculpture and architecture, it is no longer about crossing borders between disciplines. For Pichler, this unity is something which he has long taken for granted—indeed, he may have actually done so right from the beginning. His sculptures are part of an overall whole, and fragmentation or removal from this whole is something which they tolerate only with difficulty. His sculptures accept no changes in ownership; they belong to Walter Pichler just as he belongs to them. Pichler’s overwhelming refusal to give in to the seductions and dictates of the (art) market is the logical consequence of this unity.

—Peter Noever, excerpt from the catalogue “Walter Pichler. Sculptures Models Drawings”, 2011/12

Der Weltvermesser – In Memoriam Walter Pichler (Directed by Harald Wilde)

Projects with Walter Pichler

Interview with Walter Pichler in Umriss 1/1985