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Contemporary Art after the Turn of the 21st Century

In October 2013 Peter Noever handed over more than 160 artworks to Luciano Benetton, Collection Luciano Benetton, after a collaboration process of more than one year. Fine art, architecture and design was understood as a unified whole, with an eye to the immanent simultaneity of artistic expression. It is about an explicit interest in manifestation of the present, in art that generates a context and has the ability to intervene in society’s collective consciousness.

We invited more than 100 artists, architects and designers—personalites who work in this city, who present their work here, or who have left a lasting mark here (thus encompassing all artists of this cultural sphere and beyond to the greatest possible extent). To take part in the touring exhibition and catalog of the “Luciano Benetton Collection 10 × 12”.

Everybody was provided with a canvas 10 × 12 cm and asked to nominate one additional personality to be included. Finally over 160 art works were recieved in total. Such a network gives a rise to a unique system of relationships with its own interlinked, internally manifested culture.

This also renders the process of the contemporary artists’ (self-)selection transparent, with the connections between the pertinent individuals clearly visible. This in itself produces surprising and entirely new information on the composition and quality of this artistic community (apart from, and in contrast to, the usual rankings and other such popular valutations).

Curator: Peter Noever
Project manager and assistant curator: Tanja Lipp
Collection Luciano Benetton

[…] One of the projects that I’m working on is a personal project of Luciano Benetton: “Vienna for Art’s Sake! Contemporary Art in Vienna after the Turn of the 21st Century.” The objective is to arrive at a new perspective on international contemporary art production by smashing and distributing the role and power of the curator among the artists, architects and designers. I have already invited over 100 individuals from all over the world, and they will invite 100 more themselves. For me, the challenge is to simultaneously see things that aren’t readily apparent: it’s about uncovering structures, about using my perch here in Vienna as the springboard for a new perspective. The result will be seen in a traveling exhibition that will visit a number of cities in Europe and America. […]

Interview with Peter Noever in “Iskusstvo – The Art Magazine”, 4/2013, Moscow

Participating artists, architects and designers (not final!)

Vito Acconci N.Y.
Uli Aigner Vienna
Gerry Amman Vienna  
Elena Ascari Italy
Christian Ludwig Attersee Vienna
Gabor Bachmann Budapest
Alfredo Barsuglia Vienna
Friedrich Biedermann Vienna
Reinhard Blum Vienna
Johanna Braun  Vienna
Gildbert Bretterbauer Vienna
Sergej Bugaev Afrika St. Petersb.  
  Constantin & Clemens Luser Vienna
Janet Olmsted Cross  New York
Hermann Czech  Vienna
Gunter Damisch Vienna
Elke Delugan Meissl (Delugan Meissl Associated Architects) Vienna
Hernan Diaz-Alonso  L.A./ Buenos Aires
Lui Dimanche Vienna  
Andreas Donhauser Vienna
  Doris Krüger & Walter Pardeller Vienna
Veronika Drahotova Prague
Georg Driendl Vienna
Nathalie Du Pasquier Milan
Heinrich Dunst Vienna
Gregor Eichinger  Vienna
Raha Farazmand London  
Marina Faust Paris / Vienna
Didier Faustino Paris
Wolfgang Fiel Vienna
Tone Fink Vienna
Heinz Frank Vienna  
Padhi Frieberger Vienna  
Frank O. Gehry Los Angeles
Sara Glaxia Vienna
Bekka Goedde N.Y.
Chris Goennawein Munich
Dorothee  Golz Vienna
Franz Graf Vienna  
Gregor Graf Linz
Sophie Grell Vienna  
Harald  Gründl Vienna
Helmuth  Gsällpointner Linz  
Johann Georg Gsteu Vienna  
Zaha Hadid London  
Florian Hafele Lans  
Hieri Häfliger Vienna
Aglaia Haritz Zurich,
Zvi Hecker Berlin
Roger Herman L.A.
Yuki Higashino Vienna  
Benjamin Hirte L.A.
Richard  Hoeck Vienna  
Edgar Honetschläger Vienna
Michael  Häpfner Vienna
Fred  Jellinek Vienna  
Magdalena  Jetelova Munich
Brookhart Jonquil Miami
Franka Kassner Leipzig  
  Katharina Mischer & Thomas Traxler Vienna
Milli Kaufmann Vienna!milli
Herwig  Kempinger Vienna  
Michael  Kienzer Vienna  
Peter  Kogler Vienna
Rebecca Kolsrud L.A. (kommt leere seite..)
Zenita  Komad Vienna
Elisabeth Kopf Vienna
Willi Kopf Vienna  
Julia Körner L.A.
Kasper Kovitz L.A./ Beirut
Elena Kovylina Moscow
Brigitte  Kowanz Vienna
Elke Krystufek Vienna  
Christoph A. Kumpusch New York
Hans  Kupelwieser Vienna  
  Kurt Hentschläger / Granular Synthesis Vienna
Helmut  Lang N.Y.
Sonja Leimer Vienna
Andrea Lenardin Madden L.A.
Ulrike  Lienbacher Vienna  
Ross  Lovegrove London
Marko  Lulic Vienna  
Greg  Lynn L.A.
Mark Mack L.A.
Sandra Manninger (span Archictects, mathias del campo) L.A./ Vienna
Luiza Margan Vienna
Ewald Maurer _d’rec nad Doubravou  
Thom  Mayne L.A.
  Michael Hofstätter & Wolfgang Pauzenberger Vienna
Rudi  Molacek Berlin  
Julie Monaco Vienna
Eric Owen  Moss  L.A.
Otto  Muehl Olhao / PT  
Anca Munteanu Rimnic Berlin
Johann Neumeister Vienna  
Flora Neuwirth Vienna
  NEXT ENTERPRISE / Marie-Therese Harnoncourt & Ernst J. Fuchs Vienna
  Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch Vienna
Michael Niemetz Vienna
Hermann  Nitsch Prinzendorf AT
Oswald  Oberhuber Vienna  
Gustav  Peichl Vienna
Roman Pfeffer Vienna
Florentia Pita L.A.
Franz  Pomassl Vienna  
Wolf D. Prix / COOP HIMMELB(L)AU Vienna
Carl  Pruscha Vienna
Stephanie Rauch Vienna  
Lucas Reiner L.A.  
Paul Renner Gro§dorf - Egg / AT
Martyn Reynolds Vienna
Franz Riedl Vienna
Paul Ritter Vienna  
Alexis  Rochas L.A.  
David Roth Vienna
Charly Roussel Amsterdam
Constanze  Ruhm Vienna
  Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber Vienna
Peter  Sandbichler Vienna
Martina Schettina Vienna
Alfons  Schilling Vienna  
Kristina Schinegger Vienna  
Eva  Schlegel Vienna
Hubert  Schmalix L.A.
Ferdinand  Schmatz Vienna  
Anneliese Schrenk Vienna
Vera Sebert Braunschweig / DE
Elfie  Semotan Vienna / N.Y.
Kiki  Smith N.Y.  
Bernhard  Sommer Vienna
  SPAN Architects (Matias Del Campo & Sandra Manninger) L.A./ Vienna
Marcelo  Spina L.A.
Beatrice  Stähli Tegna /CH
Rudi Stanzel Vienna  
  Station Rose (Elisa Rose & Gary Danner) Vienna
Kamen  Stoyanov Vienna  
Gabriele Sturm Vienna  
Adam  Swiczinsky Vienna
Helmut Swiczinsky Vienna  
Michael Szivos New York  
Linda  Taalman L.A.  
  TEAM NIEL/Veronika, Daniel & Claudia Feyerl  Vienna
Anthony Titus New York  
Iv Toshain Vienna
Josef  Trattner Vienna
Gerhard  Treml Vienna  
Iké Udé N.Y.
Joep Van Lieshout Rotterdam
Koen  Vanmechelen Hasselt / BE
Manfred  Wakolbinger Vienna
Martin  Walde Vienna
  Walking Chair - Karl Emilio Pircher & Fidel Peugeot Vienna
Hans  Weigand Vienna  
Markus  Wilfling Graz  
Matthew Wilkinson London  
Meral Yasar Budapest
Giulio Zanet Milan  
Dragan  Zivadinov Ljubljana  
Heimo  Zobernig Vienna
Antoinette Zwirchmayr Vienna