Heritage Day 2020
The Pit / Die Grube
Land art project by Peter Noever

Open to the public!
Sunday, 27 September 2020
from 10am to 6pm

Thinking Ahead

Architectural talk and guided tour with Hubert Klumpner (architect, professor at ETH Zurich / Urban Think Tank), Mark Mack (architect, professor, DJ Orange, Los Angeles), Andrea Lenardin (architect, art director, Los Angeles), Roland Hagenberg (artist, Tokyo/Raiding, Burgenlad), Rüdiger Andorfer (art curator, former museum director), Oliver Hangl (concept and media artist, curator) and Peter Noever among others.

Further participants and updated detailed program will follow

On-site guides:
Anton Sterba, Flo Noever

Event documentation:
Felix Kofler 

Spitalanger 32
7091 Breitenbrunn

The starting point of the land art project “The Pit” is a traditional wine cellar built more than 200 years ago. The more than 70 meter long passage way opens up to the heathland.

In 2019 Peter Noever’s land art project was placed under monument protection by the Austrian Federal Monuments Office BDA. Among the landmarked architectures selected for September 2020, “The Pit / Die Grube” is the only contemporary project in Burgenland.

Austrian Federal Monuments Office BDA

THE PIT / DIE GRUBE – Art and Architecture Festival 2021

“Thinking Ahead” will also be the theme of the international art and architecture festival taking place in Breitenbrunn in 2021.

<p>Hubert Klumpner and Michael Walczak with Peter Noever at The Pit (June 2020)</p>
<p>Hubert Klumpner (Urban Think Tank)</p>
<p><span><span>Andrea Lenardin at The Pit 2019</span></span></p>
<p>Mark Mack as DJ Orange</p>
<p>Oliver Hangl in action</p>
<p>Peter Noever (current measures)</p>
<p>Roland Hagenberg (host of the Storkhouse in Raiding, Burgenland)</p>
<p>Rüdiger Andorfer with the artists Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch at The Pit / Heritage Day 2019</p>


[...] Peter Noever’s deft tectonic pit pulls earth art‘s singeing chestnuts out of the fire by confronting them with the test they could never abide, the test of use. Embracing the svelte historic forms of geometry elegant and simple, Noever assumes the art but spurns the ethic, slaking the thirst for more than Minimalism arouses. In his loopy magnificent Burgenland dacha, he has made not simply a site, an armature for spectatorship, but has crafted a place. Here‘s the difference: Noever’s work tests not the edge of sculpture but the edge of architecture. The arts of habitation are not excluded but attenuated, made to dance to a langorous yet electric tango of life floated to ritual. [...]

— Michael Sorkin — American architect, author, and educator based in New York City / text from the exhibition catalogue “UPSTAIRS DOWN”, published by Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, 1994

My admiration for this great and internationally acclaimed landart project was endless. So far I had only known of comparable projects from the Engadin (artist Not Vital), from the West of Austria, Sussex in England (artist Antony Gormley) and from Marfa in Texas (artist Donald Judd).
Christine König — Christine König Gallery was founded in 1989 in Vienna.

“… eine schlichte, geistvolle Darstellung, der Freundschaft gewidmet – neuentdecktes Stonehenge –, bereit, neue Formen vom Himmelsbogen zu holen für Euch, für uns …”
— Carlo Scarpa, 1973

“Mit seinem Projekt hat Noever mehrere Fachdisziplinen vereinigt und einzigartige Wechselbeziehungen zwischen Wohnen, öffentlichem Raum, Landschaftsarchitektur und Kultstätte geschaffen, die für ökologische Wohnbauten der Zukunft von herausragender Bedeutung sind.”
— James Wines / SITE, 2000

Peter Noever is “Not Guilty of Architectural Sin of Sameness.”
— Elaine Louie / The New York Times, 1994

Heritage Day 2019

Talk “Luna_Portum. Urbanity. Reality”
“Art /Architecture here and now” by Nicole Six, Paul Petritsch, Rüdiger Andorfer and Peter Noever