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Exhibition & architectural conference on the occasion 
of Lebbeus Woods "Zagreb Free Zone", 1991
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Tomorrow, We Begin Together the Construction of a City

Lebbeus Woods (May 31st, 1940 – ✝ Oct. 30th, 2012) took up a clear position within the field of architecture, one that he advocated uncompromisingly and without mercy. He is one of the truly great visionaries among contemporary architects.

Fullscreen: https://vimeo.com/93235576

This Media Message by Peter Noever, Vienna, was specially made on the occasion of “Lebbeus Woods, a Celebration” held at The Cooper Union, New York, 2014. The video is based on Lebbeus Woods' Manifesto 1993 and was for more than ten years the backbone of the permanent collection space of experimental architecture 20th/21st century at the MAK Vienna.

Lebbeus Woods: A Celebration

The Cooper Union, New York
25–26 April 2014 

Tributes and Reminiscences

Greeting by Elizabeth O’Donnell, Acting Dean, The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union / Sir Peter Cook, Professor, The Bartlett School of Architecture / Joan Copjec, Professor of Modern Culture and Media, Brown University / Neil Denari, Principal, Neil M. Denari Architects Inc. / Steven Holl, Principal, Steven Holl Architects / Zaha Hadid, Founder, Zaha Hadid Architects / Zvi Hecker, Architect / Clare Jacobson, Author and Contributing Editor, Architectural Record / Claus Leggewie, Director of the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities Essen (KWI) / Thom Mayne, Founder, Morphosis / Aida Miron, Instructor, The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union / Eric Owen Moss, Principal and Lead Designer, Eric Owen Moss Architects / Elke Muehlleitner / Peter Noever, Curator, Founder, Noever Design / Dwayne Oyler, Co-founder, Oyler Wu Collaborative / Wolf D. Prix, Design Principal and CEO, Coop Himmelb(l)au / Yael Reisner, Ph.D., Architect, Yael Reisner Studio / Michael Sorkin, Distinguished Professor of Architecture Spitzer School of Architecture, City College of New York / Anthony Vidler, Professor, The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union / Aleksandra Wagner, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, The New School for Public Engagement / Davor Wagner / Lebbeus Woods / Masahiko Yendo, Architect, Mas Yendo Experimental Projects