Peter Noever,  
Sole Oriente

Neon-Mirror Object

"​​Sole Oriente," Peter Noever's latest design object, is an extraordinary mirror, a magical light island ⏤ a luminous symbol of urban design in a private setting.

A mirror is not a mirror. Unlike in the western world, for example, mirrors have different meanings and applications in different cultures.One of the greatest myths of antiquity is that Archimedes, the Greek inventor and mathematician, set a Roman fleet on fire off his home town of Syracuse with his "mirror cannon" (burning mirror - concentrated sunlight) back in 214 BC. "Magic Mirror", the magic mirror made of bronze, gives the illusion of being translucent and is therefore called "théou kouang-kein" (mirror that lets light through) by the Chinese.

Mirrors and reflections are also a special theme in contemporary art and range from Michelangelo Pistoletto's "metrocubo d'infinito" to Franz West's ironically irritating installation "auto sex", which he created together with Heimo Zobernig. Land-art artist Robert Smithson opens up new and astonishing perspectives with his "nonsite" series of works. Eva Schlegel's mirror sculpture "extension of public space" in the Vienna Parliament or Magdalena Jetelová's "(Des)Orientation" at the 54th Art Biennale, Venice 2011 are also reflections of outstanding spatial interventions.

Sole Oriente makes it possible to see things that are otherwise out of sight, to stay in the picture yourself, to get an idea of how you are seen by others. Sole Oriente becomes a source of (indirect) light, a magical island of light, stimulating, influencing mood and well-being, relaxing and a shining symbol of urban design in a private atmosphere, just by turning it slightly.


Sole Oriente will be presented for the first time at the Kärnten Museum on November 23, 2023 in Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria.

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