Interventions in public space
Initiated by Peter Noever

Contributions by Peter Noeverfor “fair” 01/2020, Magazine for Art & Architecture

<p><strong>Peter Noever, Center for Understanding Media.</strong> Project for the Bombay Beach Biennale, 2019 presented at the Museum of Unwanted Architecture on the occasion of the Biennale (courtesy Marshall McLuhan, 1979 / Walter Pichler, 1970). In 1974 Noever visited Marshall McLuhan at the Center for Culture and Technology, University of Toronto. In 1979 they founded the Center for Understanding Media in Vienna together with ORF avant-garde program designers Hans Preiner and Barrington Nevitt (President: McLuhan). In 1972 Walter Pichler realized his sitting pits, his first stationary sculpture, in Noever’s land art project “The Pit”. This project for public space links the work of the sculptor with that of the media theorist. (published in “fair” magazine 01/2020)</p>
<p><strong>Peter Noever, Center for Understanding Media. </strong>“[…] art in public space is both an imposition and a refuge […] (published in “fair” magazine 01/2020)</p>
<p>18 contemporary art interventions in public space by Peter Noever (in Vienna, Venice, Hollywood, Los Angeles, St. Pölten, Bombay Beach), 1991–2019 (published in “fair” magazine 01/2020)</p>
<p>The Pit, Peter Noever’s land art project (aerial view) with a text by Michael D. Sorkin (published in “fair” magazine 01/2020)</p>